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Custom Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

Customs Champions at Your Service:
At TEU, our Customs Brokerage team is a powerhouse service we proudly offer our clients. We're your go-to for seamless customs clearance at key Egyptian ports including Alexandria, Port Said, EI-Sokhha, and Damietta, not to mention Cairo International Airport, the 10th of Ramadan, and the 6th of October. We're not just about clearing customs, we're about clearing the path for your business success. From temporary imports to drawbacks, in-transit movements to final imports – we've got your diverse business needs covered!

Navigating customs regulations can be a complex task. Our experienced Custom Brokerage team is here to streamline the process for you. We handle all necessary documentation, ensuring compliance with local customs authorities, and facilitating the smooth flow of your goods across borders.

Unlocking Customs Code: Your Gateway to Smart Solutions

Special Solutions:

We’re happy to support you with important documents. No matter what you require of us: we will provide you with a suitable cargo solution – On time delivery Don’t worry Be happy!

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    Duty/tax recovery

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    Specific product requirements

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    Compliance Audits

Special Services :

Temporary Import Shipments:

Temporary import shipments are tax and duty-free importation of goods that are meant to stay within a certain country for a limited period.

Duty Drawback:
Cargo In Transit:

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